• Shidokan


    Shidokan is known as, “The Triathlon of Martial Arts”, because of three concepts: Karate, Kickboxing, and Grappling. Shidokan is a progressive system of modern fighting that has grown over the years.

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  • Fitness


    As an experience martial artist, professional athlete, and champion, Richard Trammell has developed programs that work for everyone. From kids to professional athletes, we provide functional training to help you in all that you do.

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  • Personal


    Our professional staff has been together for over 10 years. We offer personal training for small groups and one on one. Each workout is customized to challenge each individual. You will be able to workout no matter what your fitness level may be.

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  • Trammell


    Have you tried many of the different nutritional supplements out there, not knowing if you were wasting money or if they were really helping you? Then look no further, new nutrional line now available by Richard Trammell!

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Welcome to our site.

Serving Atlanta since 1999, we are the only Shidokan Dojo gym in Atlanta. Our staff consists of the most decorated martial artists in town.

We’ve created programs for all ages and fitness levels. Focusing on functional fitness and martial arts, we give our customers unique skills that they can transfer to their daily lives.

What We Do

Our purpose at Trammell Fitness and Martial Arts is to provide our clients with a unique system of training based on proven methods. By training at Trammell Fitness and Martial Arts,

you will improve: overall health, self-image,gain self-confidence, and learn self-defense. Our workouts encompass fitness, kickboxing, boxing, grappling, children's martial arts and mixed martial arts.

the triathalon of martial arts :

This is a test of one’s skill, heart and determination. A Shidokan tournament is not a brawl. It is an event to show who is the better martial artist. Control, discipline, sportsmanship, and respect are what Shidokan is about. The World Open brings people from around the world together for competition and celebration.

  • Bare Knuckle Karate
  • Kick Boxing
  • Grappling



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Come Train with Us at 1465 chattahooche ave nw, suite 800!!


UPCOMING / Latest Events:

  • Nov. 3, 2013

    Rank Promotion, Atlanta, GA

    Sensei Richard Trammell was promoted to 4 Dan by Kancho Soeno.
  • Sept. 21, 2013

    European Shidokan Open, Germany

    Vinny Balsamello 1st Place, Rhonda Balsamello 3rd Place.
  • Oct. 19, 2013

    Jisentekki Karate War Games, San Jose CA

    Jaral Bowman 1st Place Gloved Karate, 2nd Place Katutogi.
  • June 15, 2013

    IJF Judo Grand Prix, Miami FL

    Sensei Josh White finished 5th in this international event.
  • July 27, 2013

    World Yoshukai Karate Championships, Oxford Alabama

    Ricky Trammell, Soloman Dean, Xavier, Rhonda Balsamello and Vinny Balsamello will compete in Semi Knockdown and Bare Knuckle Karate Divisions.
  • Aug 10, 2013

    2nd Annual Shidokan Judo and Karate Championships, Atlanta GA

    Local and foreign fighters square of in the ring Shidokan Triathalon style! Location and venue to be announced soon, check back with us on details!
  • Sept 21, 2013

    European Shidokan Open, Germany

    Vinny and Rhonda Balsamello will compete in Bare Knuckle. Sensei Jaral Bowman will fight in the gloved Karate division.


"Training at Trammell Fitness and Martial Arts has helped me improve physically and mentally. I am constantly challenged and Rich has increased my confidence as well as my conditioning. I do both personal training and karate classes, and I'm addicted to both! Going to the gym is a lot cheaper than a psychologist!"

Debbie Auerbach of Astoria Denistry

"Over that past few years, my workouts with Rich have been very fulfilling. Not only does it give a full body workout, but it is also the best stress and tension reliever next to a massage! I don't mind admitting that I'm a control freak and a thinker: so believe it or not, the boxing drills and techniques work hand in hand with my eagerness to always learn and manage my physique! Lastly, Rich is the only trainer I've had that could keep my attention; once you wrap up one drill he's on to the next one, and the next, so by the time the hour comes, I'm quiet, totally worked out, and ready to get out the door and conquer the world!"

Robb Jones - Principal, Perrilloux Holdings, Inc.